Abby Lynn Pielet

Young Adult

SUMMER DEY’s life is turned upside down when her family moves and she is forced to make new friends. Not an easy task for a fifteen year-old girl with very special gifts that make her…different. Worried that the other kids in her new town won’t accept her for who she is, especially the super cute guy she meets, Summer decides to do her best to blend in while also hiding her special talents. The only problem is that her gifts are impossible to keep hidden and continue to pop up at the worst possible moments. If that isn’t bad enough, Summer also has to contend with her nine year-old brother Indy who takes great pleasure in driving his big sister crazy.

When one of Summer’s new friends throws her a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” party, a treasured music box turns up missing. Will Summer hide her gifts so her new friends won’t think she’s a freak? Or will she “Dare to Be Different” and use those special gifts to get the stolen music box back and also to capture the thief?

Schools out. Teenagers on the loose. It’s party time…music, dancing, new friends. What could possibly go wrong? For new White Oak resident fifteen year-old Summer Dey, just about everything. Alcohol, theft, kidnapping, new enemies.

Everyone has a secret…especially Summer. What’s more important: keeping her secret hidden, or helping new friends and risking rejection? Perceived safety or trust? Special powers denied…or letting the town bitch win again. It’s not easy being the new girl!











Summer Dey Book Series

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